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Sustainability Haikus

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The Sustainability in Law and Business Seminar held its final meeting of the semester on Earth Day. As part of the final day, some class particpants provided entries to a Sustainability Haiku contest. Here are some of the entries:

Drive an S.U.V

That runs on snail darter blood?

Not sustainable.

                Marie Burcham


Simple practices
Reduce Recycle Reuse
Saves the Future

                Adam Adkin

Ride your horse to work

It’s very good for the air;

Ponies are cute too.

                Marie Burcham

Bald eagle omelets are

Balanced out by my brand-new

Toyota Prius.

             Marie Burcham

Live save use give help

Sustainability oh!

Our children need you

                May Low

We build hydro dams –

And Salmon will want to spawn

Always just upstream.

                Marie Burcham

Waists and cities sprawl

Resource wars, belching carbon;

Pedal all away.

                Dan Rohlf

Vegetable growing –

A green point,  that is swallowed

By the city lights.

                Marie Burcham

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