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The Grass is Greener, by David Campbell

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Bamboo is gaining wide popularity in the green sector as the material of choice for sustainable products.  Humans have made good use of bamboo through the ages, proving its benefits through millennia of field testing.  More recently, social movements toward sustainable practices have highlighted bamboo’s unmatched renewability and ecological friendliness, giving rise to the modern trend.  Bamboo is now treasured by environmentally-conscious consumers as the ultimate raw material and a universal symbol for sustainability.  As a result, there are tons of bamboo products on the market today, and new innovations in functional and creative bamboo uses continue to accrue.  Bamboo’s extraordinary environmental benefits, which reach far beyond the inherent sustainability of bamboo products, have some thinking this miracle of nature holds the power to save the world for future generations.  However, misconceptions about geographic challenges and legal limitations on creative rights threaten to stay bamboo’s deliverance by impeding more comprehensive and inventive uses.  Even superheroes need a little help sometimes, and bamboo cannot triumph over these hindrances alone.   Only the demand of today’s consumers can help bamboo rescue the children of tomorrow.  Bamboo makes fabulous products, is today’s epitome of sustainable inputs, is way greener than its competition, and is well-deserving of consumers’ support.

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