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Bike-Sharing Programs in US Cities by Supriya Kanal

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Cities have found many positive impacts from implementing bike-sharing programs. For one, pedestrians that choose to ride bikes instead of using automobiles are helping to eliminate air pollution throughout the city and thus benefiting the overall environment. Another benefit includes the greater availability of bicycles. This access provides pedestrians with another alternative to public transportation. Many people find this kind of transportation more convenient than taking a taxi, bus, or driving a car across town. Bike-sharing programs reduce traffic on the roads due to the fact that “40 percent of trips in urban areas are 2 miles or less, but 90 percent of those trips are taken in a car.”[1] In addition, cities have taken pride in these programs by claiming they are more “sustainable” due to the positive impacts these programs can have on the city, townspeople, and environment. Many cities have used these programs to their advantage in marketing their city as more desirable.[2] For instance, Hoboken, NJ, a city that has recently implemented a bike-sharing program, openly states one reason it is sustainable is due to this new bike program, and thus this city makes an effort to separate itself from other cities that are not sustainable.[3]


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