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Sustainable Restaurant Certifications by Supriya Kanal

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The B-Corp certification is a voluntary certification that is available to all kinds of businesses. B-Corp is sponsored by a non-profit organization called B-Lab. The B-Lab declares B-Corp as the primary certification for sustainable businesses, much as the USDA organic label is to organic foods.[3] Businesses must take three steps in order to be certified as a B-Corporation. These steps include: meeting the performance requirement, meeting the legal requirement, and lastly, signing the B-Corp Declaration of Independence.[4]

The performance requirement ensures that a business meets the social and environmental standards required for B-Corp certification.[5] There are four steps involved in order to successfully complete the performance requirement. The first step a business must take is completing a B-Impact Assessment. This assessment primarily looks at the impact the business has on its stakeholders. Next, a business must complete an assessment review. In this step, a B-Lab employee will call the business owner and ask various questions in order to complete the assessment review. Third, a business must submit to B-Lab supporting documentation that affirms the company’s sustainable practices. Finally, a business must complete a disclosure questionnaire that allows transparency into the business’s practices.


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