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Sustainable Restaurant Certifications by Supriya Kanal

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Although there are a number of similarities, there are also many differences between the Green Restaurant and B-Corp certifications. What primarily makes these two certifications different is the fact that the Green Restaurant Certification mainly focuses on restaurants, whereas B-Corp focus on businesses in general and do not require different standards for restaurants. Furthermore, Green Restaurant Certifications have a category that focuses on solely food sustainability, while B-Corp only look at the general impacts that may occur throughout its business. For example, the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) considers various categories of food including meat, dairy, local food, meat free, and organic food. The GRA determines in each category various sustainable methods that can be applied by each restaurant and evaluates whether or not restaurants have implemented any of these methods.

Both certificates are dedicated to sustainable businesses; however, it seems restaurants have been more drawn towards GRA standards instead of B-Corp standards since there are more restaurants with GRA certificates that exist as opposed to B-Corp certificates.[10] One reason restaurants choose to use GRA standards instead is because they are more geared towards their business, as opposed to B-Corp standards, which are just focused on businesses in general and not the daily tasks and subjects involved in a restaurant. In addition, more restaurants are drawn to Green Restaurant Certifications since these certifications are more widely known throughout the restaurant industry and thus, more favored as opposed to B-Corp certifications. In conclusion, both certifications are beneficial for restaurants, but it seems restaurants owners are more willing to adopt the Green Restaurant Certification in order to be recognized as a sustainable restaurant.


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