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Thoughts on sustainability from around the world by Prof. Dan Rohlf

Posted by: | April 9, 2014 Comments Off on Thoughts on sustainability from around the world by Prof. Dan Rohlf |

I’ve had the very good fortune to teach or co-teach (with Professor Amy Bushaw) the seminar at Lewis and Clark Law School entitled Sustainability in Law and Business. While I cannot co-teach the seminar this semester, I have the chance to travel to a variety of places around the world while I am on sabbatical. I’m using this opportunity in part to observe first hand how different countries and places are incorporating sustainability into their cultures, their everyday life, their ethos, and their laws and policies. I plan to share my observations in a series of blog posts.

While I’ll do some research to provide background and context for my posts, I’ll mostly provide my thoughts from the perspective of a keenly interested and – at least when it comes to issues related sustainability – relatively knowledgeable observer. While this no doubt introduces a significant element of subjectivity into my posts and makes my observations more anecdotal than systematic, I hope my approach will give readers an accessible “big picture” overview of sustainability in select places around the globe. Along the way, I’ll try to highlight issues and trends that readers might want to look into themselves.

Though there are enormous debates about exactly what constitutes “sustainability,” most commentators analogize the concept to a three-legged stool, which includes economic, social/community, and environmental aspects. While my posts will comment on all three components of sustainability, I’ll focus more on it environmental attributes since these topic correspond most closely with my expertise and interests.

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