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Does Your Pollution Impose on Those Who Don’t Have the Opportunity to Pollute? by Hannah Shangraw

Posted by: | May 6, 2014 Comments Off on Does Your Pollution Impose on Those Who Don’t Have the Opportunity to Pollute? by Hannah Shangraw |

Those who are unaware of their effect on pollution are unable to prevent it. Individuals being unaware has a broader effect than just on the environment around them. According to the World Health Organization, more than 2 million premature deaths each year are connected to air pollution with more than half of those deaths burdening developing countries.[v] WHO Director of Public Health and the Environment, Dr. Maria Neira, has stated that cutting down on particulate matter pollution could drastically lower pollution related deaths and diseases.[vi] In their facts on air pollution, WHO points out that outdoor air pollution is beyond the control of individuals.[vii] WHO demands that the government and policymakers act by changing policies for transport, energy waste management, buildings, agriculture, urban planning, power generation, and industry.[viii] Individuals need to be accountable for their own pollution, but should also hold their government accountable for the pollution that takes place around them. Individuals are the force that can push the government and policymakers into making a change in pollution and pollution standards.


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