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Bike-Sharing Programs in US Cities by Supriya Kanal

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Cities have implemented various changes in order to accommodate bike-share programs. For example, New York City has added 285 miles of bike lanes to help develop the city as more bike friendly.[4] In addition, cities have added additional safeguards in order to protect bikers. For example, some cities have established more traffic laws that create more protection for bikers, that is, more costly penalties for hurting a biker.[5]

Although many people have viewed bike-sharing programs favorably, not everyone agrees. Pedestrians still feel uncomfortable biking in cities mostly due to concerns for their safety. One problem people have found with bike-sharing programs is that there are no helmets to rent with the bikes. Many people may find the bike option to be a great last minute idea, but unless the person has planned to carry around a helmet with them, there is no helmet available for use, which creates a great safety risk in using the bike and possibly more liability on these bike-sharing programs. Some cities, such as Seattle, have strict helmet laws that require bikers to wear a helmet at all times.[6] Moreover, some city departments, such as the New York City Department of Transportation, provide free helmets and fittings at events throughout the city for those who are interested in taking part in a bike share program.[7]


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